Successful Studying: The Effective Ways To Clear Your Head!

Successful Studying: The Effective Ways To Clear Your Head!

The human mind is rarely quiet. The random flow of thoughts and ideas carry on throughout the day many a times without striking the consciousness. This flow can prove to be a nuisance at times, especially when one is trying to study. There are other times when the mind seems completely jammed or numb. There are no random thoughts, instead, it seems like there is absolutely nothing going on. This sensation usually erupts as a result of sleep deprivation or long hours of continuous studying. Whenever the mind is troubled, it is unable to function properly. At other times, the material is boring, difficult, and/or not interesting to the students.

There are many ways developed by neuroscientists for tackling this issue. For instance, to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts, while studying, going out for a walk is considered to be quite effective. It helps in distracting the mind by giving a temporary distance from these unwanted thoughts. This routine is essential, especially when the student has been studying for long consecutive hours. It is a refreshing experience for the body and the mind.

It is significant to create a dedicated environment before actually studying. A proper study room with suitable lighting, table, chair, etc. prepares the mind for some serious studying. It also helps in directing random thoughts to focused ones. When starting to study, the student should avoid all kinds of ‘technological’ distractions. These include cell phones or telephones. He should put up a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign to inform others that he is not to be disturbed or interrupted. This will put his mind at ease as he will be assured of no external disturbance. While studying, the student should take regular short breaks after fixed intervals. The mind needs rest too. Another way to keep the head clear is to change the subject every couple of hours or so. The monotony of a single subject can lead to mind ‘numbness’. The rule of thumb regarding successful studying is to study when the energy level is maximized. This means that the student should be mentally and physically fresh at the time of study. Lethargy and mental exhaustion suppress the cognitive abilities, thereby reducing the efficiency of studying successfully. Creating an incentive for completing a studying task successfully is another effective solution. The student becomes motivated, his mind focused on finishing the task so that he can claim his reward.

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