100 Top Grade Biology Research Topics For Students

100 Top Grade Biology Research Topics For Students

100 Top Grade Biology Research Topics For Students

Selecting researchable topics in biology is not always an easy task to go about and can take a toll on you if you don’t steer your focus in the right direction. Biology is the scientific study of living things and is concerned with major life processes, causes, and cures of diseases associated with living organisms, the interaction of living beings with their nonliving environment, so on and so forth. Moreover, this study-field is also devoted to the functions, structures, and growth of living organisms. 

Being such a diverse subject, it’s often consuming for students to put their hand on the right research topic and then do justice to it. It all narrows down to how interested you’re in doing the research and how well-versed you’re in the subject to proceed with it. This blog majorly discusses the pathway to stumble across the perfect biology research topic based on your inclination and write it off with no inhibitions and reservations. 

Choosing The Right Topic: How To Do It?

Choosing the biology research project topics for college can be a tough grind and it can be worse if you haven’t unidimensionally made your mind as to why you want to work on a research paper and why the specific topic which you might just have chosen

  • First off you need to be clear about your interest and inclination and once you’re there, it’ll alleviate the process for you. Writing on a topic that you’ve chosen purely out of interest and with no compulsion or pressure, creates more space for you to write making use of your full potential and skills. On the contrary, if you inch further without interest, it’ll be the most painful thing to effectively write the paper and conduct your research
  • After selecting the topic, your next task has to be the analysis of the research topic and structuring the paper in your mind: an outlook. Further down the road, you’ll need to sort out the nature of the topic; the topic could be narrow or broad. Researching and creating a compelling research paper on a narrow topic is considerably easier. 
  • Research on the topic thoroughly through the sources available on the internet and through extensive literature review. Retrieve information from the sources widely accessible and that are relevant to your research topic.
  • If your topic addresses a biological problem, you must be well-capable to present a solution to that through a proper research route. 

Topics That Can Enhance Your Interest: 

Here’s a list of some good research topics for biology that you can easily pull off and can enhance your skills and interest while working on the selected topic. 

Immune System:

  1. The potential of the human immune system and its importance in resisting diseases
  2. Highlight the importance of the functions of immune system agents
  3. What happens when an immune system malfunctions?
  4. Correlation between stress triggers and their effects on immunity
  5. Immunology addressing the causes of asthma and various allergies
  6. The balming effects of immunotherapy on a human body
  7. The immune system of different species other than humans 
  8. The benefits of vaccination 
  9. The immediate effects of coronavirus on the immune system of humans
  10. What does our society think of vaccination?

Plant Pathology:

  1. Phytopathology and some preventive measures
  2. How to cope with weedy and invasive plants?
  3. Plant’s genetics and how it evolves
  4. Shed some light on the various aspects and functions of photosynthesis
  5. How can modern technology limit plant diseases?
  6. What are the limitations in implementing modern technology for controlling plant diseases?
  7. Literature review on the destructive plant diseases and their cures
  8. Impacts and potential of biofumigation of some crops

Hormones And Behaviors: 

  1. How can hormonal imbalance affect teenagers and adults?
  2. What are the behavioral changes that are caused due to hormonal imbalance? 
  3. Literature review on hormonal changes in females during pregnancy
  4. Explore the science behind the bipolar disorder and its possible treatments
  5. The causes, impacts, and treatment of endocrine disorders and diseases
  6. Is melatonin helpful in therapy?
  7. The effects of cardio-exercise on hormones
  8. Mental health and psychotic disorders in males and females due to hormonal imbalance
  9. Discuss the functions and disorders associated with Thyroid Stimulating Hormone  
  10. Explain the relation between daily behavior and hormones

Human Cloning And Genetics:

  1. Discuss the possibilities on human cloning and transplantation
  2. Explore the origin and development of DNA-modified organisms
  3. How is obesity correlated with genetics?
  4. What is the correlation between genes and depression?
  5. Limitations and benefits of organ donation
  6. Has cloning not been successful on humans? 
  7. Purpose of performing cloning on humans
  8. What are the moral intricacies that surround human cloning?
  9. Explain the arguments in favor of and against human cloning?
  10. What are the limitations associated with human cloning?


  1. Perform detailed analysis on why certain organisms become extinct
  2. Choose one endangered animal and conduct detailed research on how to prevent its extinction
  3. How is climate change influencing the animal and plant species to be endangered?
  4. Isn’t it high time we conserved the habitat of organisms on the verge of extinction?
  5. The need to preserve wildlife and not disrupt food chains
  6. Biodiversity and is climate change affecting it? 
  7. Predator-prey relationship: A detailed analysis and literature review
  8. Harnessing renewable energy resources for the better
  9. The relationship of living organisms with their abiotic factors within a habitat
  10. How do animals and plants adapt to their particular habitats?


  1. Pulling back the veil on schizophrenia, and autism: Are they correlated? 
  2. How can the improper functioning of brain cells become disruptive in day-to-day life?
  3. Brain Development and Its theory
  4. Research on vestibular disorders
  5. A detailed analysis of Alzheimer’s disease
  6. What is multiple sclerosis?
  7. Neurofibromatosis, is it curable? 
  8. How do you develop brain tumors?
  9. What are cerebrovascular disease, its symptoms, and cure
  10. Brain injuries and other disorders

History of Biology:

  1. Darwin’s theory: is it believable?
  2. Biology in ancient and medieval times
  3. Coevolution of host-parasite
  4. Biology and social evolution
  5. The natural selection theory
  6. Viral and bacterial evolution 
  7. Lamarck’s theory of evolution, believable or not?
  8. Review of evolutionary theories
  9. Explain the history of vaccination 
  10. Evolution and biological history

Marine Biology:

  1. Production of food, shelter, and water, and marine biology
  2. Research paper on marine biology and its importance
  3. Have technological advancements facilitated marine biology?
  4. Relationship of marine life with the outer-world environment
  5. Can the quality of water improve due to coastal development?
  6. How is climate change affecting marine life?
  7. Biological characteristics of deep-sea species
  8. Ill effects of oil spill on marine life
  9. The relationship among ecology, geology, and marine life
  10. Importance of conserving marine ecology


  1. Antibiotics, importance, and uses
  2. Are there any side-effects of antibiotics?
  3. Multiple roles of antibiotics
  4. What is antibiotic resistance? 
  5. Consequences of persistent antibiotic use
  6. Why not antibiotics, a detailed analysis
  7. How does our body react to antibiotics?
  8. Different mechanisms of antibiotic resistance
  9. Unavoidable use of antibiotics
  10. Are there substitutes for antibiotics?

Convenient Topics For Research:

  1. Contagious viral diseases and their preventions
  2. Importance of teaching biology to middle-school students
  3.  Botany, zoology, and technology

Computational Biology:

  1. Literature review on bioinformatics and its involvement in human life
  2. Computational methods of analysis of the human body
  3. Use of computational techniques to map genomes 

The above-mentioned list has a number of good research topics related to various fields of biology. You may find many of them as the best topics for biology research. Hopefully, your search for good biology topics for a research paper has finally ended here. Good luck to you!

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