50 Unique Problem Solution Essay Topics in 2022

50 Unique Problem Solution Essay Topics in 2022

Selecting a college essay topic can be a difficult experience especially if you are looking for the best. You fire up the internet and you can find dozens of essay writing guides and essay topics. However, if you are going for a problem solution essay, then you’ll need all hands-on deck to select a good problem-solution topic according to your writing skills. Luckily, our list of problem solution essay topics for college students has been forged with the most recent and appealing topics of the year so far. So, let’s take a look at our top 50 unique problem solution essay topics this year. 

Top 50 Problem and Solution Essays in 2022:

A problem-solution essay focuses on discussing problems according to the topic and then suggests solutions as well. Therefore, the topic you choose to write on should be unique and offer solutions to problems that have not been discussed before. To ace your problem solution essay, take a look at some of these fresh problem solution essay topics and ideas from various areas and sectors. 

Education/College Students Problem Solution Topics:

  1. Why do urban areas have low graduation rates?
  2. How online learning can be made more engaging?
  3. What roles can educators play in eradicating bullying and violence in schools?
  4. Why is poor teaching quality a problem?
  5. How schools are dealing with the post-COVID-19 pandemic?
  6. Why will students probably struggle with learning after returning to schools post-pandemic?
  7. Should educators rely more on technology than their teaching skills in the classroom?
  8. How schools are dealing with special needs students
  9. What teachers can do to prevent cheating on exams?
  10. How to deal with stress in college?
  11. What can we say about the actual quality of online education?
  12. What problems teachers are facing in the online teaching environment?
  13. How has the educational curriculum suffered because of the pandemic?
  14. What roles teachers are playing in helping students decide their future?
  15. How schools are dealing with plagiarism in the academic field?
  16. What schools are doing to make their students feel safe?

Social Issues Problem Solution Topics:

  1. How will the world adjust to the post-pandemic world?
  2. How the surge in the unemployment rate in the US affected the population?
  3. Increasing racism, what does it mean for the future of our children?
  4. Hostility towards people of other races and religion, a culmination of political agenda?
  5. What effects COVID-19 had on the marital lives of the masses?
  6. Do you think bullying contributes to school shootings as much as the unaccountable availability of guns and other arms? 
  7. How elderly living alone dealing with COVID-19 restrictions? 
  8. What has contributed to the hysteria related to not wanting to wear face masks for protection against the coronavirus?
  9. What role should communities play to force police departments and local governments to address police brutality?
  10. What roles should colleges and schools play in recognizing students at risk of harming themselves?
  11. What roles mental health providers are playing in determining the prevention of mass shootings?
  12. Has the pandemic contributed to the increase in the divorce rate in the US?
  13. What is the best way to address domestic violence?
  14. How much social media exposure should children be allowed?
  15. Is social media contributing to low self-esteem in teenagers?
  16. How are we helping teenagers struggling with depression and eating disorders?

Environment Problem Solution Topics:

  1. How can communities help in cleaning up waterways?
  2. How can we manage food wastage from restaurants and stores?
  3. How has pandemic restrictions affected the environment? 
  4. Why are people not serious about environmental issues? 
  5. What is the role of the government encouraging citizens to recycle? 
  6. What roles the industries are playing in regulating the emission of greenhouse gases?
  7. How can communities reduce their plastic waste?
  8. What policies should the government introduce to address climate change?
  9. How can private and public enterprises assist with the preservation of wildlife?
  10. What is your take on the deficiency of clean drinking water? 
  11. Are international organizations doing enough to address the severity of climate change?
  12. How can the government support and fund innovative ideas to save the environment?
  13. What are the current environmental hazards faced by the world? 
  14. What can the government do to prevent and tackle forest fires? 
  15. How work from home during the pandemic affected the pollution rate? 
  16. Is transportation one of the biggest causes of air pollution? 
  17. Is there any way to reverse global warming?
  18. What is the government doing to reduce the population density in urban areas?

A Guide to Writing A Problem Solution Essay:

Every problem solutions topic requires extensive brainstorming and research. However, once you are done with the research, the following easy-to-follow solution essay topics structure will push you in the right direction. 

Problem and Solution Essay Structure:

There are four main elements that you need to work around when writing not only on problem and solution topics but also on solution speech topics for problems related to various industries or sectors. . These four segments include: 

  • Introduce and give a vivid description of the problem
  • Explain the significance of the problem 
  • Propose your solutions 
  • Explain why you chose these solutions over the others

How to Get Creative with Your Essay:

You must notice that going through various problems and solutions examples, the tone and structure tend to become repetitive. The good news is that you can develop a few strategies to write a creative solution essay problem. You can start by adding a new perspective to the existing problem and then making the solution look not only practical but also effective to achieve the objective. 

Things to Avoid:

When writing over problem solution speech topics for college students, many of you tend to lose track of the structure. Therefore, make sure to avoid the following mistakes in your essay structure

  • Giving descriptions of the problem 
  • Not creating convincing arguments 
  • Presenting fewer pressing problems 
  • Forgetting to use a respectable and reasonable tone
  • Present solutions which everyone can understand 

Final Thoughts: 

The key to writing an excellent problem solution essay is to address problems that connect you to the audience. Both the problem and the solution should be authentic and applicable. You can even use a motivating tone or target a specific audience to get your point through. The problem and solution topics for your essay should be fresh and interesting enough that the audience will not lose their interest in it for even a moment.

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