Descriptive Short Essays On Eating Disorders

Descriptive Short Essays On Eating Disorders

Many reasons have been attributed to be the root cause of eating disorders in modern world. When combined together, it presents a significant challenge that needs thorough research for the menace to end. Many descriptive short essays on eating disorders have been circulating on internet, yet all they cover in them are the consequences of such disorders. On the contrary, a descriptive short essay should outline the reasons that cause these disorders, so that the problem could be overcome by providing the readers with a food for thought. The most common as well as important reason behind the eating disorders is that of peer pressure. Gone are days when parents used to have a say how on what their children were supposed to eat. Today the children feel more comfortable with what their peers have got to say to them. The consequences of which are not beneficial. The reason being the ill knowledge and less experience of these peers.

Anorexia Nervosa is a disease which originates when people take dieting to extremes. They would give you plenty of reasons for not eating food. In the course of avoiding food containing fats, they usually miss out on very important dietary intakes that are otherwise very important for their health. The dietary imbalance not only disrupts their eating habits but also presents them with a significant risk for diseases. Why do people tend to go for such extreme dieting plans? Well, people are not to blame rather it is the culture and society that compels them to resort to dieting to extremes. History has shown that slimness has been deemed as the criteria of beauty. Women have a long history of doing practices to stay slim to look pretty. In the process, they resort to practices that results in dietary imbalances and eating disorders. Apart from that, eating disorders is quite common in teenage athletes. The reason being the requirement of slim athletes for gymnastics. Take for instance the case in Olympics. Athletes found to have mass above a prescribed measure are readily rejected from making it to Olympics. This presents the athletes with a rather daunting task of maintaining a body fit enough to make it to such events. 

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