Discover The Easiest Way To Do Parenthetical Citation In MLA Style For Your Research Paper

Discover The Easiest Way To Do Parenthetical Citation In MLA Style For Your Research Paper

In order to make an authentic research paper, one must always mention the original sources. There are various different ways of mentioning the sources, the one that we are discussing today is known as Parenthetical Citation in MLA style. Usually, all of the researchers follow this particular method while writing their research papers. Mentioned below are the most common citations that are used in research papers:

Those quotations which are less than 4 lines in your text are usually considered as small quotations. You have to double the quotation marks, and then write the name of the author along with a page citation in the text. All of the punctuation marks that are in the quotation should remain there, whereas, the ones that are outside, they will come after the parenthetical citation.

When you are citing a verse or a poem which is shorter than 3 lines; a slash is supposed to separate them.

When it comes to long ones, the quotations which are of more than 4 lines, write them in a text block, and do not include any quotation marks. The block should be 2 inches away from the left margin, and then the citation should come at the end of it. When you are still referring long quotations and they are of more than 3 lines, try to keep the text block as close to the original lines; do not shift 2 inches from the left margin. Furthermore, the parenthetical citation should come after the quotation marks.

When you want to cite more than two paragraphs, make sure to use the block format, and add an inch of space to the first lines of both of the paragraphs, so they can move a little to the left side, but more than that. The parenthetical citation will come at the end of the last paragraph.

Make sure your words are in brackets, if you ever intend to add your own words in between the original ones; do not touch the original quote at any cost. But if you plan to remove the words from the quotation to make it a little shorter, then make sure you fill that particular space with 3 dots in the brackets, which are known as periods. Moreover, it is not necessary to add the brackets, but if they emphasize the cause of those 3 periods, then you can surely use them.

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