Four brain games to make you a smart student

Four brain games to make you a smart student

Regularly putting your brains through tough challenges and exercises can help you run it on all cylinders. Students in their academic life, whether in schools or colleges are usually put through different tests and challenges, but sometimes they need diversity and different approach to develop themselves and make their minds more efficient. It is a proven research that more than 60% adults and students who regularly play stimulating mind mapping games and practice on such techniques are more than likely to be fast, super efficient and intelligent than their compatriots.

Even in the academia, there are different ways and practices that teachers try to instill in students that can help them drastically to improve their mind work and thought processes. Teachers also focus on solving different projects, team based puzzles and activities that not only allow students some sort of break in their regular course, but also gives them a chance to improve and expand their brains. Today’s academic blog will feature four different brain games and mind mapping tools that can help students become smarter at their academic age.

Naming different things or colors

If you want to learn the art of providing perfect concentration and focus, then this naming game is a great exercise to learn and practice. In this game you will name different colors or things in a fast paced manner as they appear in front of you by also recognizing it. This allows and forces your brain to think at fast-paced terms when put under pressure. It is a great practice for students who are having problems dealing with different pressure situations in their academic life. Students can easily try this practice or technique in a group or individually whenever they have some spare time or during holidays.

Limited words game

The limited word game also known as in just one sentence or in seven words is a great game to develop your creative angle and vocabulary. In this game you are in a situation to write a short story or explain an instance based on just a few words. It should not sound incomplete or vague and should comprehensively express the situation to the third party reader. This game is an amazing way to test out your language skills, your writing skills, creativity and use of words which in turn can be a good essay help for you as you develop your sentencing and vocabulary.


This game also involves a bit of physical effort. In the opposites game you are to use your opposite hands to get things done. For example, if you are a lefty, use your right hand to do all the things and vice-versa. This game is greatly balanced out both sides of your body and brain as well as help you manage your tasks when in tough situations. This game makes you stronger both physically and mentally.

Draw the picture

This does not mean literally start drawing, but the game drawing the picture is an amazing way to strengthen your memory and also your comprehension skills. Here you have to look at a picture for a few seconds and then take it away from your eyes, then mention the important elements that you noticed as well as the description of the picture.

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