How to build a teamwork culture in students?

How to build a teamwork culture in students?

It is important that students learn how to work in a group, so let us discuss how to build a teamwork culture in students.

In real life, all multinational as well small organizations are built around the concept of teams working together to make up one whole organization. So, it is extremely important that students learn how to work in a team so that they are ready for the work environment when they step into professional careers.

Here are a few ideas that can help instructors to inculcate team spirit and introduce a teamwork culture in their students. Read ahead!

Promote interaction among students:

The first and foremost element to create teamwork in students is to promote interaction among them. It is quite common that in a class of 100+students, no one actually knows the other person as they never have had the opportunity to interact.

So, as an instructor who wants to instill teamwork in their students, you should try to promulgate teamwork by starting small class discussions that involve interaction among students.

Assign group projects:

Another way to promote teamwork among students is to divide them into groups and assign a major college project. The assessment should be based on team interaction, communication skills and of course the quality of work.

You can also assign small projects to foster teamwork culture. This will basically force students to come together for a common purpose and work collaboratively.

Independent teams: 

As in corporate life, no mentor or instructor is present to guide teams, so in academic environment too, when a team is formed, you should let them work independently. Even when they are having troubles communicating or having leadership troubles, it is their job to figure it out without interruption or help from any mentor.

This, basically, helps students to find the right balance by themselves and helps them to learn conflict management while working in a group. It will also help to bring in new ideas that would never have come up where the group led by hand by a mentor. So, to let creativity flow as well as to learn communication skills and conflict management, it is essential that the teams work independently.


As an instructor, it is your job to reward students who work well in teams to foster a culture of teamwork and also to inculcate team spirit. Many teams will work as one unit while others will be one individual who came up strong, if the task is related to teamwork, as an instructor you have to reward those who work well as a team.

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