How to know about the format of a standard thesis?

How to know about the format of a standard thesis?

Thesis is a paper that a student submits to its college for the research on a particular subject or issue, which has been done by some author(s) as a standard requirement to getting a certain degree, i.e. Masters or Doctorate. A student not only has to present the document, but also has to defend its proposal and argument of the paper in front of a committee generally consisting of the immediate supervisor of the student and two to three more members.

Many students do not enjoy writing their own thesis and ask others: Write my thesis for me, as they are not sure about the general format and the layout of it. That is maybe because of their lack of interest in the subject when their supervisors were teaching them about the format or they might even not be present in the class. If you are also facing such a problem, and are not familiar with the format of the thesis paper, and looking for some help about it, well, you are at the right place.

First, write a good preface, in which you tell the reader about the topic and then you pay thanks to everyone who helped you during this process. Then give a Management Summary in which you briefly tell about the background of the topic, your research method, findings, limitations, and conclusion, etc. The table of contents should include: a list of figures and tables if used, introduction in which you have to give background of the topic in detail, elaborate your research problem, and present an outline of the paper. It should be followed by the heading of the main topic on which you are conducting research, say if you are doing research on the effects of Web based Marketing on the performance of corporations, then give all of its aspects, like the characteristics, qualities of tools used, advantages and disadvantages for organizations, and research model used and tell about the testing of tools of web based marketing and give at least 3 hypotheses.

Methodology is the 3rd main component: What kind of characteristics your paper has and how they are used, e.g. it could be done on two basis, such as descriptive and exploratory basis. Then tell about instrument development in which you have to show whether it’s qualitative or quantitative in nature. Also, about data processing and analysis like where the questionnaires were statistically analyzed. Pretest has to be clearly described to show the content validity of your instrument by providing statements before and after the pretest. Then explain the sample of your study that has helped you in filling the questionnaires. Give the response rate and total subjects in the sample and show frequencies and percentages as per your study. The fourth section is of findings: Give all the statistics and results here and explain. The last section is of discussion: here you have to tell about the limitations of your study and give a conclusion.

 A thesis has to have a unique format because if you miss anything, your paper might not even be considered final and you may have to write it again. So be sure about the format and apply your research and findings accordingly.

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