Essay Writing- How to write a proper essay? Here’s a step by step guide!

Essay Writing- How to write a proper essay? Here’s a step by step guide!

Essay writing is a very important skill. It teaches a student how to write about a particular topic within a short period of time.

Let us first examine what is an Essay? An essay is basically consolidated information on a particular topic. You are given a topic and you have to give the reader as much information you can in a couple of paragraphs. So how do you write a proper essay?

An essay is divided into 3 parts- Introduction, Body and Summary/Closing.

Introduction- Most students confuse the title with the Introduction. A good introduction is always needed. It should help the reader understand which aspect the writer is writing about. For E.g. – If you are writing an essay on Milk- you can write about Lactose Intolerance. So your introduction should contain some information on Lactose Intolerance and its effects. Do not write more than 6 lines in your introduction.

Body- The main content should be in the body. Now this is tricky. You have to give all the information to the reader but not too much information. Here is where you have to decide which information to include and which to exclude. In the body the reader should be educated on the topic. Let us take Lactose Intolerance for example. You should mention how it is caused, what are the side effects and any other relevant information. If you have to include scientific terms please ensure that you give a layman explanation for the same.

Similarly when mentioning the cause of the same, try including facts like why a particular side effect happens. This makes it informative. Keep the content within 3 paragraphs. If there are more than 3 paragraphs and the reader will lose interest.

Summary/Closing- The summary should only include the main points you wish to highlight. Do not use it as an extension of the body. Ensure that you do not miss any important points.

Another major factor is using the correct language and grammar. This is very important especially if you wish to score high.

Here are a few points you need to keep in mind –

  • Allocate enough time to finish the essay
  • Use the correct grammar.
  • Ensure all your spellings are correct.
  • Use the correct punctuation.
  • Ensure that any term used is explained.
  • Keep the language simple so that the reader can understand the point you are trying to convey.
  • Do not use unnecessary capitalization to make a point.
  • Do not use a word if you are unsure of the spelling or its use in a sentence.
  • Do not miss out on any crucial point in order to shorten the essay.
  • Do not your any jargon or slang.
  • Do not write sentences just to fill a page.
  • If you run out of time, ensure that your essay is not incomplete and highlight the missed points in your closing.

Use the above material as a guidance tool and you will score high on all your essays.

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