How to Write Who Am I Essay

How to Write Who Am I Essay

Guidelines for Writing “Who Am I” Essay.

No matter at what stage you are or wherever you study or work, you will be asked ‘who you are?” or describe yourself” question everywhere at every stage. It is a basic question that was not only asked when you were a student but it is also frequently asked in your job interview in a big organization, or at places where you want to prove yourself.
Writing an essay on the “Who am I” topic seems very easy but in reality, it is not. People usually think this topic is very subjective and anyone can write about their traits and personality but when they start writing it, they cannot even completely write a single paragraph. So, guidance is needed even when you face difficulties to write about yourself and this guidance can be taken from

Ideas to Add in “Who am I” Essay

The very first and important thing is to collect ideas before writing an essay on any topic. Ideas cannot popup into your mind at once but you have to give time to think over the topic. Now, thinking over the topic for some time does not mean that you sit in the corner for two hours and keep thinking about it. Thinking does not work this way no matter how hard you try. The tip for getting thoughts is you have to think about the given topic in the free time in your daily routine for example while traveling to your educational institute, after waking up in the bed, before sleeping or while enjoying your cup of tea or coffee. If you feel you have a weak memory then whenever any thought comes to your mind, just write it on a page so you will not forget it. This tip will definitely help you a lot. If it is hard for you to believe then just try it once.

Research about the Topic

The second very important step is to research the topic. When an individual’s mind stops working, the internet will always work. It will broaden your thinking regarding the topic under discussion as well as give you numerous new ways to write on the topic that your mind can never think of.

Know Yourself

Now, if particularly talking about the topic “Who Am I” then the very crucial concept to write on this topic is “know yourself”. Knowing yourself is a complete topic in itself and once you get the idea about how important this phrase is affecting your real and practical life, you will be amazed and can never stop thinking about it. Knowing yourself is the base of everything you do and how you act or react to certain things but it only works for you when you really understand the deep meaning hidden in this phrase.
Every single human being sent to this planet is created with different features, different personalities, different perspectives, and different purposes. Have you ever thought about what type of features and appearance you have? Or what type of personality you possess? What are your views regarding different things? What do you think? How do you act? How do you talk? What is your ideology? What is your identity? What is the purpose of your life? What do you aim to do in life? How are you different from others? What are the unique traits that make you different from others?
Once you are clear with your perspectives, ideology, and goals in life you can always have a clear way to move forward in the world. When you start knowing yourself, you start believing in yourself, your capabilities, and your strength to do whatever you want. Knowing yourself will always give you guidance to deal with life and to maintain your identity and personality among people. Yes, this phrase works like magic in the lives of people. So, if you have not thought about this amazing phrase yet then start it from today to know who you are.

Make a List about your Likes and Dislikes

The other important step is to make a list of your likes and dislikes. You are the one knows about your preferences and choices the best. Write about what type of decisions you like to make? What type of food do you like to eat? Which clothing style do you carry at different places? Which colors do you love? What are your daily, weekend, and holiday activities? Which places do you like to visit? What type of people do you like to meet? On the other hand what you do not like also defines you so make a list for that too.

Observe your Activities

The type of activities you do on a daily basis plays a major part in developing your personality. How do you behave with people? How do you react to emotional feelings? How do you handle stressful situations in the workplace as well as at home? How do you meet with your friends and others? And there is much more to notice. Using this technique will help you to identify the elements that you were completely unaware of before. Also,it will give you a whole new perspective about your personality.

Brainstorming about Your Good and Bad Qualities

Brainstorming is the technique that always works to help to compose a good essay. Brainstorming about your good and bad qualities will provide you to deeply look into your personality and behavior. After identifying your good and bad traits you can further polish and enhance the good ones and work to improve the bad ones. Moreover, you can add not only about your good and bad qualities but you can also include how you will enhance and improve yourself to become a better person keeping the fact in mind that nobody is perfect.
At this point, you can also share your personal life examples to suggest others about how they can become a better person using all the tips that you used to make yourself a good person. For example, if you were a bad-tempered person in the past and lost your job due to this issue. But then you realized and tried to control your anger by remaining calm and let go of things. Now, you can see the positivity in your life because you started to avoid anger and react to everything positively. Isn’t this a great example to add to your essay? Every person goes through these types of situations once in a life, so including this will definitely help others too.

Ask Others About Yourself

No one in this world knows you more than yourself. But sometimes we do not notice the things that others notice in us. So, asking others about your personality, good and bad traits, and behavior can also help you to gather some points for your essay write-up.

Essay Format

Gathering great ideas is useless if you do not follow a proper structure to write your essay. A proper format will give you a proper outline to present the gathered ideas. Your essay will have coherence and cohesion, and the ideas will not seem scattered to the readers. So, here is the format you can follow to write the “Who am I” essay.


The first thing is to give an introduction to the topic in one paragraph. Considering the “Who am I” topic, you can introduce yourself as well in introducing the topic. After your face, your name is your identity through which people recognize you. So, firstly you have to mention your name with a sentence that will give a strong sense of your personality to the readers. After this sentence, you can add your other basic information like your education, nationality, family background, job status, marital status, and whatever you feel important to add.

Body Paragraphs

A good essay contains at least three body paragraphs and each body paragraph talks about different ideas. For example, the first body paragraph could be about your physical traits and appearance, the second body paragraph could present your perspectives and point of views that you have about the world and different things in the world, and the third body paragraph can include your likes, dislikes, and preferences. You can add different real-life examples or share your personal experiences in every paragraph to make your “Who am I” essay more authentic and engaging.


Finally, in your conclusion, you can add details that you think can help others who have a personality like yours. You can conclude by giving some good ideas to enhance personality, to behave in different contexts, to deal with different situations. You should be careful to keep your audience with you from start till the end.
Your readers should feel they have gained some benefit by reading your “Who am I” essay examples. This type of essay will impress your teacher too because your aim was not to write about yourself but to write for your readers. Hope this blog helps you to compose an interesting essay about yourself, but more than that hope you will find a way and have the idea to explore yourself after reading it. If you ever need to revise any of the tip or idea you can visit any time.

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