Thesis Paper –Definition and what it should contain, however a thesis differs from a regular paper

Thesis Paper –Definition and what it should contain, however a thesis differs from a regular paper

A thesis is an exhaustive research on a particular subject. It puts forward a student’s point on a particular topic. Any thesis should interviews, comparisons and detailed analysis. This will help solidify the point of view put forward by the researcher. However a thesis differs from a regular paper. In a regular assignment, the professor does not review the assignment till the end. This differs from a thesis where there is a regular review of the progress made.

Every student writing a thesis has to prepare a preliminary outline to the professor or his/her assistant. As stated earlier there will be a regular check at different intervals. The purpose of both is to check if the researcher has understood the topic and is progressing on the correct path.

Every thesis has to follow a structure-1) Index; 2) Introduction; 3) Methods; 4) Results; 5)Conclusion; 6)References; 7) Appendices.

Index- This is like a table of contents. Please include all the headers and the page numbers. E.g. – Introduction-Page 2 and all the page numbers for the subsequent topics covered under the Introduction header

Introduction- This is a very significant aspect. Here you as the researcher should introduce the reader to the subject of the thesis. It should mention what the topic is about and what the research covers. The introduction should educate the reader just enough for him/her to want to read the remaining chapters.

Methods-This is the meat of your research. You will have to introduce each of the methodology involved in the research separately. Each methodology should have a detailed explanation of the steps involved in the methodology. Please do not reveal the results in this section. Also there should be a logical flow for the methodology. Please ensure that the first step and the last step are mentioned first and last and not in a random sequence. This will serve to confuse the reader.

Results – This portion is an extension of the methodology section. Again please explain the results in detail under the header of each methodology. This is a very significant part of the thesis as it helps the reader relate to the methods used by you. A simple trick like including a one liner summary of the method used just to refresh the readers memory. Please note that if you can use pictorial representations (in both methodology and results section) in addition to the written data it will only enhance the point you are trying to make.

Conclusion-Please stick to facts when making a conclusion. All results and conclusion should be backed by your research. Here is where the regular checks by the professor come in. If there is no course correction, you could come to an incorrect conclusion which will negate all the time and effort put in by you.

References-Every thesis writer always uses certain articles as a reference. There is no harm in doing this as such articles will only guide you. However please ensure that you mention those articles as references. It is an accepted practice and you will not be marked down for the same.

Appendices-An appendix is used for any information you were not able to include in the actual paper. You can mark certain paragraphs in the actual paper where you want the reader to refer to the appendix for more information.

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