Interesting topics for essays

Interesting topics for essays

The Quest For Interesting Topics For Essays – A Herculean Task

Writing essays greatly improves your thinking capacity, sense of imagination and broadens your vocabulary and imaginative power to enormous levels. Command on writing good essays is a compulsion for students in every point of time in their academic years whether it be school, college or university. Students are asked to write essays in nearly every competitive examination of their academic years. Though writing a high quality essay is very difficult, yet the most important thing before you actually start the whole writing process is to draft an interesting topic for essays. Below is a list of some interesting topics for essays that students should opt to while striving to write a quality essay work. | accounting research paper |

  1. Parents in US and UK and in general in the western world tend to assign their children with tasks at home. Should the children be subjected to such tasks? What views do you hold about it? Is it a good or bad idea? Use appropriate examples for justification. | art term paper |
  2. Technical jobs to be performed are generally handed over to men. Why are men given preference over women to perform the technical jobs? Should governments reserve a certain quota to empower women with technical jobs too?
  3. Imagine your world is in a state of sheer catastrophe. You know a person whom you believe is worthy enough to rid the world out of the crisis. Who would be that person and what would you share with him? The person could be fictional or non-fictional.
  4. Many believe that keeping animals in zoos is tantamount to holding them as hostages. On a side note however, zoos also provide alternative to the natural environment. What are your views on keeping animals in zoos? Use your rationale.
  5. Environmentalists strictly reject the notion of cutting forests as according to them, it greatly destroys the ecology system of the animals. Yet the ever increasing human need for food and land has made it inevitable to cut forests. What are your views about it?
  6. Certain schools is the US tend to restrict the students to use cell phones in class rooms. The teachers here believe that phone usage in class deviates the attention of students from studies and results in poor understanding of lectures. Students however believe on the contrary. What do you suggest?

While the quest for interesting topics for essays takes its toll on the web, it is recommended not to pursuit with topics that might sound interesting but have been used frequently covered by students over the years. The consequence of re-writing on such topics is data redundancy and effective boredom experienced by the examiner. The student would be more inclined to recycle the content of the topic as it had been previously covered by another student. This destroys the very purpose of writing essays. Essays that are written from scratch and have not been plagiarised are highly encouraged by examiners. Writing on new interesting topics tend to force students to extract new ideas from their minds.  

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