Ordering Essays –Why the business thrives? Why do these websites exis

Ordering Essays –Why the business thrives? Why do these websites exis

Today’s world is fast paced. The student of today has technology at his or her fingertips. They spend 80% of their day online and the social media space has expanded because of the huge youth population across the world.

In keeping with this trend, education also has moved to an online medium. You can use any search engine to find details on any topic you wish to learn. You can find online articles or scanned copies of original books. These exist to help a student learn and to act as a tool to guide them.

However there is another huge side effect of the online education system. There has been an explosion of websites offering students customized essays.

Let us examine the Why and the How.

Why do these websites exist? – These websites exist because today’s students devote less time to actual research. Their lives are divided between school/college and other activities like part time jobs, sports and other extracurricular activities. Hence the actual time left in a 24 hour day is very less. That is where these websites step in. They offer students a convenient way to meet their academic requirements without giving up their other commitments. As stated earlier, the internet revolution has provided a detailed knowledge on every subject. This makes it easier for these sites to deliver content of high quality

How do these websites function? – There are 2 aspects here.

The first aspect is the actual student who needs the material on a particular topic. The site charges the student a certain amount to avail their services. Once the amount is paid the student can become a member of the website and avail their services as per his or her membership status. Each student can mention their specialty and they can also mention the type of essays they want to subscribe for. This helps because the student can decide what type of essays they need assistance for. This will depend on how much time the student has to spare.

The second aspect here is the actual person writing the article. The websites employ writers on basis of their skill sets. These writers may be freelancers or actual employees of the company, depending on the structure adopted by the website.

Every writer has a deadline to submit the article once the job is assigned to him or her. The articles have to be grammatically correct and should have no spelling mistakes. Each article is checked to ensure quality and the writer is rated for the article. Higher the number of good articles, higher is the rating for the writer.

Depending on the rating, articles are divided. Basic articles are given to new writers and those writers who have an average rating. Articles which need a lot more research are assigned to experienced writers and those writers who have a very high rating.

Every article is then run through a plagiarism check to ensure that the article is not copied of the internet and also a content and grammatical check. Only when these 3 checks are done is the article taken ahead and the writer paid.

So as you can see Ordering Essays today has become extremely simple and the quality of work is guaranteed.

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