We make sure the info rendered by our clients for the transaction processing is kept 100% private and confidential, also is well protected from any illegal usage.

Online Payments

We have employed BlueSnap; a secure, risk free and well protected online payment mode for all our clients. All info is kept save in the form of an encryption on a secure server and is used only for the order processing payment. Once the ordered document is completed the info is cast-off from that secure server and is never used again in any immoral approach. Also during the order processing the information is safeguarded and is never revealed to any third party.

I-Net Server

  • Pc’s IP address
  • Domain’s name
  • Duration of the visit
  • Type of web browser
  • Visited pages of the site

The server aggregates this info automatically when our website is visited. However the user identification is not stored by the server. This aggregated information is strictly for enhancing and improving our website content and to keep the most navigated pages up to the date. 


Cookies are small files that record the user traffic for websites. Individual user identity is not recorded. It indicated the computer being used to visit a site the time spell spent there and the most frequently clicked pages.

Private Data

Users are asked to enter info like their name, e-mail id, etc. This statistics is only for advancing our website’s layout and its content. However the clients do not need to fret about it as this data is never dispensed to any outside party in any state of affairs.

Google Analytical Service

This analytical service rendered by Google Inc. is employed by Masterpaperwriters.com. This service aids us to evaluate and analyze the client usage of the website through their computer’s small files (cookies).

Timely Modifications In The Policy

All the clients are requested to navigate the privacy policy on frequent intervals as masterpaperwriters.com holds the right to make modifications in the privacy policy when needed. These modifications can be done with or without any prior notice.

For more specifics email us at info@masterpaperwriters.com