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Refund Policy is a well known reputable academic writing help service organization. We have been helping the students across the sphere with their academic writing hassles. But in order to benefit from us one must agree with our terms and policies. We aim to keep our policies as transparent and crystal clear as imaginable.

We do take liability for our wrongs, in case you ordered an assignment and we were unable to deliver that on your stated deadline then conferring to our rules we would be responsible to pay you a fractional or total refund. Refund policy is also practiced in scenarios where the buyer is discontented with the supplied document. Even though our professional writers are capable of creating a master piece in the first go but everyone has their own points of view so if your views differ from theirs, then and there you can order revisions and let your view, shine through the paper. So it’s a request to such clients to get a hold of our free revision offer before claiming for a refund, as we have experienced cases where the client was fully satisfied after just a single revision.

Here are the refund-reasons enumerated for you to understand in what cases you are permitted to use this right.

  • If we fail to meet the deadline
  • Academic document of compromised quality delivered
  • If the content in the document turns out to be plagiarized
  • Revisions not delivered or completed on time or are not satisfying
  • And if our customer care department does not responds for at least 24hours

Once the finalized document is delivered, refund can be claimed after a period of 7 days from the date of delivery. The quality verification sector then holds the authority to either approve or reject your claim depending on the reasons you specify. You also need to mention about a fractional or total refund, if not specified our decision will be final in this regard. Nevertheless if your repayment request is approved by our quality verification sector, a refund will be procured to you within 10-15 days time. Refund money does not include the charges deducted while placing an order so the total refund would be 90% of the purchased document.

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