Research Papers- How to write one? Research papers are tough to write

Research Papers- How to write one? Research papers are tough to write

Say the word “Research paper” to a student and he/she will probably run in the other direction. Yes, Research papers are tough to write. Yes there are no black and white rules you can follow. Yes it involves a lot of time and work.

However the above reasons do not mean that it cannot be done. It also does not mean that a student cannot write a research paper all by himself/herself.

The trend today is to find something online and copy paste it while making modifications. There also a host of services which offer to write the paper for you. While all these are easy fixes, it means that as a student you are not developing skills needed in today’s corporate world. Once you start working you will have to do the research and compile data all by yourself. If you have never done research, it will be extremely tough for you to survive in today’s competitive environment.

So let me give you a few pointers to help you write a research paper

Topic- When selecting a topic do not select a popular one. The reason for some topics being popular is because they are pretty easy to research and there are a lot of articles written on them. Instead go through your curriculum and select a less written topic. Just because there are not enough articles written on a topic does not mean that information does not exist. Use your library to do research via books written by older authors. Remember these books were the research articles before the internet.

Body of the paper- When you start your research and start noting down points, go with the mindset that you should make a strong point. Your research should highlight your capabilities. If that means that your point of view is unconventional then do not change it to a conventional point of view. There are many researchers, historians, scientists who have worked to change the conventional thought over the ages. All these individuals went through the various books published and looked at them with an analytical mind in order to see if the theories published made send or not .Remember you have to stand out from the crowd. Ensure that the language used is error free. Run a spell check every 10 minutes and once you have completed the paper.

Methodology- While researching a topic, you should always use different methods. One method could be interviewing your fellow students to get their point of view on the topic. Another could be extrapolating today’s environment on a particular topic. E.g. – What would a sportsperson like Babe Ruth think of the use of technology in sports? When you use such unconventional methods, the results will speak for themselves. Also it will enrich your knowledge which you can use to make a rock solid research. Also use the knowledge of your professors to guide you. This will ensure that you stay relevant to the topic chosen by you.

Conclusions-When concluding your paper, always write a conclusion not for your professor alone, but also for your fellow students. This will ensure that you can reach out to a bigger demographic and thus make your research more significant to today’s environment.


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