Solution To The Struggles Faced In Writing A Resume By Fresh Graduates

Solution To The  Struggles Faced In Writing A Resume By Fresh Graduates

After graduating, the first thing every fresh graduate has in their mind is to get a good job and for that, they are required to write an impressive resume. A resume is a written compilation of your education, work experience and accomplishments. In short, it consists of all the traits of a person, which is likely to get him a job. However, most students are unaware about the employer’s perspective as what are they looking for in a resume. A Recruitment Manager probably would have a pile of resume on his desk. So in order to stand out, you need to make your resume in such a way that will grab the employer’s attention. Following are some useful tips which will definitely spice up your resume.

Confusion Between A CV And A Resume:

First, you need to know that a resume and a CV are two completely different things. While searching for resume samples on the internet, you might have encountered the word ‘CV’. Basically, CV is a detailed profile of those people who have ample work experience. You cannot have that now if you are a fresh graduate and probably don’t have much working experience, thus, you are expected to present a resume. A resume is like a summary of your academic career, your goals and ambitions, and your qualifications. Writing a long resume, praising yourself, will only make the employer bored. So make sure your resume is short yet attractive. Remember, it should not exceed more than 2 pages. A good resume is on a single page.

Putting Your Ambition Into Words:

Writing sentences like ‘I want to polish my leadership skills’ or ‘I want to excel in this career’, is just too mainstream. Nowadays, every resume has these kinds of catchy lines in them. The best way to write something attractive for your resume is to think from the employer’s point of view. They are not going to hire you because you want to gain experience, but on the basis of what the organization can gain from you. Write about your expertise and skills to impress them, but make sure to limit it in two sentences.

Giving References:

Making a reference section in your resume and putting a few contact details in it will not only give a good impression, but also, the employer can double check the information given in your resume. Contact details should have the full name, e-mail address and phone numbers.

Making It Eye Catching:

Writing in a long-paragraph form will make your resume look dull and boring. In order to make it attractive, you should add tables and bullets in your resume. This will also help you to organize your information as well as it will be more presentable, compared to an essay-like resume. How you are putting things together, will be counted as your creativity skill. So you better make sure to use fonts and sizes and layout accordingly. But don’t go too far in it, you are applying for a job and you must write your resume in a formal manner. Adding a photo of yours, in the top right of your resume is a good way to make your employers remember your face.

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