The love of reading is a must to nurture!

Books are a man’s best friend is almost proved wrong in the 21st century of alluring gadgets. The proverb needs to be changed to cell phones are a man’s best friend. Every sundry has a gadget in their access and there remains no use of books. It seems difficult to find a word in a dictionary and easier to search it online.

The love of books has been plummeting since science is making advancements. You see a kid carrying a gadget around and rarely a kid reading a book for pleasure. They fail to understand that reading a book is even better than watching a movie. Reading not primarily means reading a whole book. it can be reading an article in the newspaper or a paragraph in a magazine. It gives a fair idea of different writing styles and habitual reading can give you a good grip on writing styles. Sometimes you are stuck while explaining something, but don’t know exactly how to explain it, it’s just then that the right words would not come to your lips. Reading makes you confident and sure about your skills.

Reading books helps broaden the minds of the students. It evokes the students to think differently and out of the box. It helps increase the literacy skills of the student which is not only important in paper writing, but it also helps improve linguistic skills. Habitual reading increases vocabulary and improve punctuation, tenses, sentence construction which will be beneficial while writing college essays. While reading a book it improves your writing skills and it gives you knowledge about many different aspects of life. A book is better than carrying a gadget all the time, which is emitting ever dangerous rays which we declare to absorb for the love of gadgets.

The love of books must be brought back to the life of students. They need to understand the endless advantages reading a book can give.

Bringing students back to reading is as difficult as counting stars, but it can be improved. The students must have frequent visits to the library. Carrying out exercises for reviewing the books, writing stories and essays also can increase the love for reading. Carrying out different reading exercises can also be helpful, for example, reading an interesting paragraph in class.

With a little effort, students can be brought back to reading, without which the survival in this fast paced world is very difficult.

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