The tips and tricks to writing a perfect essay for a college placement exam

Passing out of high school is an achievement, but passing out of high school and getting into a reputable college is an even bigger one. Now, getting into a good college is by no means, an easy task either. Most colleges require you to pass a certain admission test in order to be found eligible. The test mostly includes general science questions and mathematical problems. What the test also includes is the writing an essay that shows you how highly equipped the student is, when it comes to literature. Even though the tests are normally difficult, at the end of the day, it’s the students that benefit after getting placed in the classes most suited to their abilities.

There are a few golden rules when it comes to writing a perfect paper though. Let’s discuss some of them here:

  1. Take your time. You are given a full hour to impress the checker and make effective use of it. Don’t rush it, brainstorm and write as skillfully as possible.
  2. Understand the question before starting to answer it. “Evaluate”, “Define”, “Criticize” etc. are the words most used in the questions, and they give you a hint so as to what is expected as an answer. For example, evaluating something requires you to properly explain the problem or the statement and not just briefly give opinions.
  3. Make outlines; however, if you think you don’t have adequate time, spend at least 5 minutes for pre-writing. List down the points that you just can’t miss and pick pivotal points that you want your paper to rotate around.
  4. Don’t stray from the topic. Write a clear and precise thesis statement. Only provide logical arguments and avoid using slang.
  5. Use effective language and sentence structure. Avoid usage of monotonous words and try using stylish vocabulary as much as possible. For example: instead of writing: “I really looked forward to hearing from him, write “I cordially looked forward to hearing from him”.
  6. Don’t make grammar mistakes. These can really aid in your placement in the filthiest of caves and the darkest of dungeons, if you know what I mean.
  7. Always revise your article after you are done with writing it; that would of course require you to at least save 5 minutes at the end. Remove any logical or spelling errors that you might have accidentally made.


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