Why are citations important in research writing?

Why are citations important in research writing?

Why Are Citations Important in Research Writing?

As a student, it is strange to write citations and references in your school or college project which seems like a waste of time. But as writing citations progressed with work, it all started to make sense.
Giving proper credits to the original author is actually providing the author the honor of writing such a helpful piece of work. You would be amazed to know why citations are important.

Reasons to Include Citations in Research Work:

Many academic works without citations are not considered professional as it is considered to be stolen. Citing sources is essential in order to prevent such cliches that can leave a bad impact on the reader. To write any research work, accuracy is the key component to success. So, to make sure your work is unique and of high-quality, emphasizes why citing sources is important.

Including Citation Makes You A Better Writer

All of us in this competent world, want to achieve something or maybe want to be an inspiration. Nobody would be glad to read stolen precious pieces of information from another author or source.
Well, including citations would be an intellectual way of representing that the writer is claiming truth and the piece of work does not contain any cliches.
The reader’s mind would be free of any questions or doubts after looking at the high-quality work and the writer could easily use the phrases like “it is said” in his academic or research work to highlight the importance of citing.

Bibliography Means Extensive Knowledge:

Compiling all the sources that you read and citing into research work is what we call bibliography which is a hallmark of authentic research work of a scientist.

A good bibliography is a gateway to the credibility of the writer in their respective fields. The more citations you include in research work the better and knowledgeable your work will be. All the above points emphasize the importance of citation.

A Good Researcher:

While researching for particular topics, discerning the details of work and being able to recognize the pattern is a sign of a good researcher.

When you cite a source, you give all your attention to all the details, for example, name of the author, page number, the year of publication etc. This develops a habit of getting in details of work which is especially important in scientific analysis due to the vast range of published knowledge.

Acknowledgement of Other’s Work:

One of the major reasons why citations are important, is to give credit to the actual author of the research. Just imagine the author’s hard work whether in the form of any research or essay, and someone else taking the credit of the ideas. Doesn’t it seem unfair?

Importance of In-Text Citations:

The reference you include within the body of your work is referred to as in-text citations.

Deciding whether to include in-text citation in your work, is crucial especially if the work contains arguments that need the support.


Facts are the not so common piece of writing and when included within the work, it is essential to include in-text citation to support the idea.


Including someone’s thoughts in your work needs accuracy especially if the quote is from a known personality. In-text citations clears the doubts by providing direct evidence of the quotation hence proving why citation is important.

Percentages and Statistics:

The study based on statistical analysis and percentages needs authenticity as the data collected in these types of studies are experimental. It is important to mention the source within the body of work, so as to rule out the uncertainty.


Citing within the body of work helps in preventing the misguidance of plagiarism. The reader can easily do free revisions and can look for verification of the knowledge that you used in the work.

Citation Styles:

The citing sources in accordance with some rules are stated as citation styles. It largely depicts the discipline in which you are working.

Different citation styles are preferred in academic work showing how important citations are in academic writing.

There are different styles for citing sources from which 3 major styles are defined below:

  • MLA or modern language association preferred in the subject of Humanities.
  • APA or american psychological association used in the subject of social sciences and engineering.
  • CHICAGO which have two styles: notes and bibliography used in history and author-date preferred in the subject of science.

Citations purely affect the quality of paper. Many authors study the same topics exhaustively and come up with the same ideas which clearly shows why citing your research is important. It is an ethical requirement as without citing sources your work will not be considered accurate.

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