Why you should write your research paper by yourself!

Why you should write your research paper by yourself!

Completing and writing a research paper is a prerequisite for getting most Postgraduate degrees. Research paper could be about any findings about the work done by someone in the past. It is like a thesis, but it is not necessarily presented in front of approving committee, besides the supervisor of the student marks it and gives the final verdict.

However, writing a research paper is not everyone`s favorite job to do. Many students literally fear from it. So they think of hiring someone to write it for them. If you search on Google for the best place to buy a research paper online, you will see unlimited number of online writing services promising to write excellent research and all other kinds of papers.

But giving tasks of writing your research paper to others is not that rewarding as the writer does not know things about your research which has been done solely by you. Once you give them your material, they do not tell you about the progress of the work. The so called professionals work on their own without knowing your needs and preferences in the format of the paper. On the other hand, when you write it on your own, you have a clear idea of how your supervisor has instructed you and what they want. People in the online service do not exactly know about what kind of instruments and sample you have chosen: only you know about the key tools used in your research. Success in your research depends on the sample that you have used and if that is not properly interpreted in the paper then you may not get the reward for the hard work you have done with filling all those questionnaires.

Seek help if you are not sure about the format and other complications: You can always ask your supervisor about any kind of problem you are facing in writing the paper. When you will constantly engage your supervisor, it would make you as a serious student and might get excellent grades in the paper. You may not be presenting and defending your paper in front of a committee as in the case of thesis paper, but you will eventually have to take examination called viva voce in front of your supervisor who may trick you if you have sought help in writing the paper. In contrast, when you write the paper yourself, you will be capable of giving the answer to every question from your research paper. You will know what kinds of characteristics are involved in the methodology you have used. Writing your own paper will be helpful in the enhanced understanding of the subject. You would also be able to polish your technical writing skills, with paraphrasing the quantitative findings into qualitative analysis. Above all, you will feel a sense of pride and victory finishing all the work all alone.

Writing a research paper is not the hardest part, if you have conducted your research thoroughly. No one would want to spend months carrying out research and in the end, write the paper with the help of others. Just know the format of writing the research paper and make sure every aspect of your research is covered in it.


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