Writing assignment on the role of modern technology in education!

Writing assignment on the role of modern technology in education!

We are living in the 21st century and the word “Technology” is not new for us. It has greatly changed the way our forefathers used to live. It affects our lifestyle in many ways, like choosing between modes of travelling to ways of shopping, it helps us making informed decisions in different kinds of situations. When we are short on time, we choose to travel by air mostly and when we don`t have cash, we prefer shopping from malls that offer credit card facilities.

While technology has made a huge impact on our living style, the education sector has also been influenced by modern technology to a great extent. Gone are the days when teachers used to come to class, wrote lessons on blackboard, and mostly delivered the lectures verbally, which was of very little use, as students could not understand almost half of the lecture. But now, using up-to-the-minute technological advancements, education has become easy.

First, the mode of delivering the lecture has become easier and more productive through the use of multimedia services which help teachers show their PowerPoint slides on a projector. It not only runs the text, but also shows the photos, videos, etc. Thus, it has become very easy for the students to grab lectures. Content sharing has been made easier through different social media platforms such as Facebook, where students can make a common page, and share different kinds of stuff and updates regarding class. It also helps in the networking process as students get to know about their teachers more and can approach them boldly unlike classes where the student-teacher relationship is rigid normally. Teachers can read up on various kinds of blogs on Twitter and increase their knowledge about changing practices in teaching.

Learning has never been any easier before simulation technologies, where professionals do their practices for mastering the most difficult skills in an artificial but real life scenario based environment. It is mostly used for training pilots, astronauts, etc. who cannot be given training session in real time situation. Now students can search for the topics in no time they are interested in by using the Internet on their devices like computer, I-pad cell phones, etc. which not only save their precious time while searching, but also help them in boosting their research skills. They no longer require visiting libraries and wasting time on finding books and journals for hours. Distance learning has only been possible due to the increased influence of computers and online services through which students can study at home and earn degrees.

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